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Mid-Twenties Identity Crisis: Finding Help

What Now? Post-Education Transitions


By Meghan Lorier, LPC

Transitions are never easy. They typically bring uncertainty, hard decisions, insecurities, and questions. The post-education transition for 20-somethings tends to be one of those difficult times in life as you begin figuring out your new norm. Whether you moved back home or have found yourself in a new place - it can be a very lonely time. 

Do any of these apply to you?

-Low motivation to continue searching the internet for the right job

-Family conflict as you are an adult who moved back home 

-Feelings of anxiety as you interview for a new job

-Identity crisis as you didn't expect your life to look this way

-Feeling depressed and lonely while trying to make new friends 

If you can resonate with anything mentioned above, it may be because you are trying to navigate the post-education transition. Though it may feel daunting today, there are ways to make the transition easier on yourself. While in therapy, we can work to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, while also beginning this new chapter of career direction, community, and self-compassion. 

I particularly love working with individuals transitioning to life after college. There is so much to discover and a world of opportunity as you begin the next chapter of life in the "real world." Not only can we work towards achieving goals for your career and relationships, but we can also work on finding out more about who you are. The “Who Am I?” is a classic identity searching question. This crisis question can spark both intense anxiety but also voracious curiosity in the therapy setting! I enjoy working with the Enneagram to help clients explore identity development and ways to better understand yourself and the people around you.

If this seems to describe your place in life, I would love to meet with you. It would be an honor to come alongside you and help you do the post-education transition well. 

You don’t need to do this adulting thing alone!

Thanks for reading!


-edited by Priscilla Dean